I began my private counselling practice “Living Well Counselling” back in January 2019, following 5 years spent training to become a professionally qualified counsellor. I am an accredited member of BACP, a governing body for counsellors.

Some years previously, I had been working as a receptionist in a busy GP surgery. I typed all the correspondence for the GP team, including their referrals to the statutory mental health services. My heart would sink a little as I typed each referral, as the person was often in a lot of distress emotionally and I knew they could be going on a long waiting list before they would get to be seen.

I promised myself that one day, I would be part of the solution, offering good quality, affordable, private counselling. I began my training doing a Level 2 in Counselling with CPCAB. Then I did the Level 4 Certificate in Humanistic Counselling, and finally I spent 3 years completing the Foundation Degree in Integrative counselling with Ulster University. As part of my training, I completed counselling placements with Women’s Aid and Cruse Bereavement Care.

And so today, I get to live out the hope I had: to be a fully qualified Counsellor, supporting and empowering my clients to work through their difficulties and find a way forward in their lives. I love my job and count it as a privilege to be a part of each client’s healing journey.

I named my counselling practice “Living Well Counselling” as I wish for each individual who comes to me for one-to-one support to leave sessions having a sense of good emotional health and WELLbeing.

No matter what your story is, it is possible to become emotionally well and to begin to work towards having a good life. Sometimes an individual just needs a bit of support on their life journey. I am available to offer that warm, non- judgemental and empathic support, if you would like.