There are a lot of benefits to having some counselling sessions.

No Judgement

A lot of clients say to me that it’s great to be able to talk to a kind stranger in confidence, who knows nothing about their situation.  And who does not judge them or get upset by their story, like others may do.

Safe Space

A counselling session is your safe space and time to talk about whatever may be troubling you, and to begin to process your thoughts and feelings.

Feel Heard

I am there to listen and for you to feel heard.  I will reflect back to you what you are telling me, for you to hear it and to check I’m understanding you correctly. I will ask you open questions to help you explore the issues coming up in the session and help you learn healthy coping strategies for your individual situation.

Different Perspective

As a Counsellor who does not know you personally, I can be an objective listening ear, and maybe offer a different perspective, and help you navigate a helpful way forward.


I will show you empathy, respect and kindness and will really try to see the world through your eyes so I can understand how things are for you.

Tailored to your needs

I am an integrative Counsellor, which means I use a few different counselling styles in my work, including Person Centred, Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, and Mindfulness. I treat each of my clients as an individual and tailor counselling sessions accordingly. I am an accredited member of BACP, a governing body for Counsellors.

Positive Change

Many clients really benefit from having some counselling sessions and see a real positive change in themselves by the end of the process.  And so do their family and friends around them, which is an added bonus.

Living Well Counselling Benefits